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Animation didn't flow so well at the beginning, rather rigid movement: didnt suit jesse very well. the stiff movement did suit no-man Riley, since he shouldn't be energetic enough to be hopping off the walls.

it had a good build up to the creepy staring. the creeping effect was kinda ruined by the static noise and on art static, its been done appropriately to death so much so it became crude oil and has been used to make a new Wacom tablet.
the creeping would have made the end a good punchline but as mentioned before got ruined, darkening may have been less overused.

also why did Jesse look down as if to read the text at the bottom only? it usually goes bottom to top when looking at their hearts desires, may be cliche but it does the job well.

imma stop my rant here, and say overall very good, lost half a start for my mostly petty gripes

well done!!!!

color was well chosen
animation flowed well
homor is good,has class/isnt tasteless

only one thing though

you forgot the "BOINK!!!" when the scout brain amputated the heavy

real funny

epic win
the graphics had something nostalgic about it
good humor eg the green peace guys only doing more damage in the end
5/5 9/10only cuz of the preloader

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executed very well seriously unnerving stuff, everything added well to make this game work and very well at that, the voices lighting all of it

it is really good considering the time limit thing

great game because:
1. graphics and sound ensure atmoshpere is suitable
2. original idea(as far as i know)
3. not too flashy and in your face as some other thriller/horror games

i have but one problem

THE GUY IS TOO DAMN SLOW!!!!!!!!! * angry face*
it was so unbeleivably irritating that he moved so slowly
getting up is fine but the rest of his/her movement was, as said before, too damn slow.

3D-xelu responds:

we have increased his speed with the last update :P hopefully that's better...

good game

this seems to be a great game at frst but some little things cost you the other
1)when at the mechanic the price goes up as u go on fine but it says say 480 but actually charges 660 instead
2)why do i have to go all the way to the end of town to see the acheives?why not just have it as a menu similar to the map and items?
3)Hella slow paced the machine (in my opinion) is too slow, it gets really boring really quick having to watch the thing crawl ant a snails pace

i hope i wasnt to harsh but just so u know the digging thing is the only thing this game has in common with motherload

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